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Criminal Law                              Adoptions                          Real Estate

DUI                                              Private Adoptions               Title Searches
Traffic Citations                           Agency Adoptions              Title Insurance
Summary Offenses                                                                 Residential Closings
Misdemeanor Offenses                                                          Commercial Closings
Felony Offenses                                                                     Landlord/Tenant Law

         Probate & Estate Administration/Estate Planning           Family Law

             Wills                                                                                   Divorce
             Power of Attorney                                                              Custody
             Living Wills                                                                         Support
             Estate Administration and Probate                                    PFA  
                                                                                                        Name Change
                                                                                                        Prenuptial Agreements

Criminal Law - If you have been arrested on a criminal charge, it is urgent that you hire an effective criminal law attorney right away. Attorney Lemon defends clients accused of drug offenses, violent crimes, sexual offenses, weapons charges, assault, street crimes, DUI, robbery, juvenile crimes, etc.  

Estate Planning - Wills for single persons, married couples, couples with minor children who need contingent trusts, and those people in second marriages with or without children from prior marriages.

Probate and Estate Administration - Probate is the court process used to determine the validity of a Will and oversee the payment of creditors and inheritance taxes, and distribution of estate assets. Administering an estate often includes post-mortem estate planning, inventory valuation, collection and sale or distribution of the decedent’s assets. You will also be guided through paying the decedent’s debts, taxes and managing the estate’s expenses.

Real Estate - Attorney Lemon will assist with real estate contract negotiations, and in the drafting and review of Sales Agreements, Deeds, Bills of Sale, Mortgages, Notes, Closing Documents, etc. His office will fully set up and coordinate real estate closings as Settlement Agent, and conduct title searches and issue certificates of title and title insurance policies.  Experience also includes the drafting of residential leases and all types of commercial leases.

Family Law - The Law Office of Mark H. Lemon guides clients through difficult family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, division of marital assets, spousal support, and domestic violence.

Adoption - We have represented our clients in family adoptions, subsidized adoptions, agency adoptions, registering a foreign adoption and can assist you in the termination of parental rights and finalization of your adoption.
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